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Winter Warmth

It’s here. That time of year where the boots, coats and extra layers of clothing come out. The season of winter, known to most as the only season in Britain, has hit us suddenly after one of the hottest summers. But how we miss those lazy and somewhat hazy days of summer, relaxing in the garden with a glass of wine, barbequing and soaking up the heat.

Winter brings with it a number of changes to our daily routine. Not only does our wardrobe change but our eating and drinking habits differ as well. In fact, the four seasons are perfect for breaking up what we eat and drink and winter is no different.

Rich and filling foods are the way to go during the cold months and as always, there is never a dish where a decent glass of wine can’t be added. Like the food, winter wines are considered to be rich in taste as well, not only to go with the food but also to keep you warm. 

So to help you maintain that sitting by the fireplace feeling, here are three of what I think are the top Winter Wines.

1)      Riesling - are white wines and I’m starting with Riesling first because it’s possibly one of the most accommodating wines out there. Not only can versions of Riesling go with hot and spicy food but there are sweeter versions of this wine. So for those days you want to cosy up on the sofa with a hot apple pie or delicious chocolate cake, Riesling can provide the perfect dessert, winter wine.

2)      Cabernet Sauvignon - Red wines just give the perception of a winter wine, if not from the colour then definitely from the rich flavours Cabernet Sauvignon will provide. The rich flavours of these are the perfect pairing to the comfort food typical of winter time, such as steaks. And of course the wine can always make you forget how much comfort food you’ve eaten so it’s a win-win all round. 

3)      Chardonnay - Another white wine but this one is for all you fish-lovers out there. As you can see I like to keep a nice balanced diet. Chardonnay wines combined with fish will make you feel like a sailor from the warmth of your home. Chardonnay is not only compatible to drink while eating, but it is also used in sauces such as white sauce used in fish pie, making it a winter food must. 

So there we are, my top three wines to go with the winter foods of your choice. Hopefully they’ll keep the cold out, keep you toasty warm and bring a little sunshine through the clouds!


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